Movers Spokane

Movers Spokane

Chipman Moving and Storage are your local Valley storage movers in Spokane that you can count on. Since storage and moving often go hand-in-hand, our company is here to fill a need and solve a problem in the community. Since we offer both comprehensive professional moving and storage solutions, you can now get both from the same company. Chipman Moving and Storage has a wide variety of storage options that might appeal to you.

Long-Term and Short-Term Storage

Whether you need a small bin, a vault, or a portable storage container, you can rely on us to supply you with the storage space you need. Before, during, and after a move, there are a lot of reasons why clients need to store their belongings. At Chipman Moving and Storage, we've dealt with them all. Whether your new home is not finished being built yet or you're not yet sure where you're moving to, you can trust Chipman Moving and Storing to house your things for you in a safe and secure manner until you're ready to get them.

Valley Storage Movers in Spokane

If you have a long-distance move, which is defined by Chipman Moving and Storage as a move that takes more than one day to complete, you might find yourself needing a viable storage solution. Chipman Moving and Storage has differently sized portable storage containers for you to store your property and keep in your custody until your move is complete.

If the new place isn't going to be ready for all of your belongings for a few days after your move, a portable storage container might be the solution you need. You can rent a portable storage container from us by the day. You may also opt to keep your things in a central location that you will come back and get after your move is complete. In that case, our warehouse is large enough to accommodate all of your storage needs.

We Go the Extra Mile to Help Our Clients

If you are a person who has mobility limitations, doesn't have time, doesn't have the resources, or otherwise doesn't have the desire to move all of your things into storage yourself, that's not a problem with Chipman Moving and Storage! We'll come to your home, pick up the items you want to have stored, and bring them to our storage facility for you. We'll even help you to pack, box, and wrap any items that require it.

We can handle any items safely, even the most delicate ones. Our storage facility is clean, dry, and climate-controlled to protect your items while they are in our care. If you're thinking, "I bet these guys cost an arm and leg," you're wrong! Give us a call today and tell us what you need stored, the kind of storage solution you're looking for, and any additional services that you require, and we'll give you an estimate that you will be pleased to receive. Remember, Chipman Moving and Storage are your Valley storage movers in Spokane that you can count on!

Movers Spokane
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